Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Reunion in Chicago

I got to reunite with my sweet friend Laura a couple weeks back in Chicago. Laura and I's friendship is one where we rarely see one another, but reunions make it feel like we never parted ways after our semester abroad in Costa Rica in 2011. Laura's got this crazy personality with quick wit. She loves just about every animal on the planet, mangy or not, and has an herb garden in her dorm room, filled with colorful fabrics and handmade paintings. I love her spontaneity and her passion for proclaiming truth in Christ through her art work. I decided to plan a visit for her senior art show at Wheaton College and to meet her lovely beau that she had been telling me about over the phone for months. It was a delight reuniting with such a close friend and entering her world for a weekend as we toured her favorite spots in Chicago with her boy. The weekend ended with a good slice of deep dish pizza and a late night game of fishbowl with friends. So thankful for this girl and the friendship that began that day at the Miami airport en route to San Jose, for what soon would be known as the best semester ever.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Florida in February

Sometimes you need a break. Just a few days away from the madness that comes along with senior year of college. A place to go and be refreshed, breathe in the salt water air, and be rejuvenated through conversations with old and new friends. So I went to Florida, this time with my best friend Jess. The week leading up to it consisted of a massive pile of reading and paper deadlines, but as soon as we boarded that plane, we were free. Those sleepless night were about to be worth it, because we were Florida bound. We explored West Palm Beach with the boy and his friends, who were all so incredibly generous and loving. I got taken on a Valentine's date (woo!), we went on a morning run in the rain, played on the beach like children, sat with friends around a bonfire, ate Poppa Copan's famous pancakes, and attended an Indian festival with colorful garments. It was a blast reuniting, catching up, and having my best friend present to enjoy the experience with. With thankful hearts and many memories, we are now back in the midwest braving the cold and finishing the semester off strong. But I have a few pictures to look back to and remember the time we skipped school and went to Florida, to visit that Peter boy and friends.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Oksana, class of 2013

I finally came around to editing my sister's senior photos. These were taken back in August, but life got busy and I sadly put these on hold for a while. But now I am excited to share them in hopes that you all catch a glimpse of summer to cheer you up. This is the beautiful, smart, driven, extroverted sister of mine, Oksana Litardo. Enjoy!